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"That's how we make your company strong in the long term!"
Alexander Herzner

Founded in 1997 from the insight of bankers that the majority of companies are always confronted with the same problems, but which can be solved. Originally conceived as a management consulting company to name current challenges and to offer possible solutions, support – i.e. support during implementation – was added.

Since 2013 Alexander Herzner has taken over the position of managing director. Since then, nothing has changed in the basic idea. But the „HOW“ this happens has changed. The UBB-GmbH dissociates itself from known consulting methods and follows an innovative, independent path – namely through coaching.

The concept is based on our vision: Optimized with Heart!

The mission is therefore clear: Your Excellency is our mission.

Experience in science and practice creates the professional foundation.

Always doing more than necessary to exceed expectations.

Everything is passed on to our clients so that benefits can arise.

There when it counts – with results that are necessary.

 The further development takes place in workshops and personal discussions. No „off-the-shelf“ products, but individual solutions through personal proximity.