How it works!

You want to enable innovation, sustainability and develop Your organization forward? You want to sustain and create benefits not only for Your organization but also for society and the world? You are aware that Organization have a great impact for sustainable development by fulfilling stakeholders´ expectations?

Then you know that organizations need qualified people with basic knowledge of sustainability, CSR and also specific skills that enable further sustained improvement.

For this purpose, CASO is the ideal Training for business owners, managers or executives, process owners, team leaders, experts, young professionals, professionals and everyone interested in improvements and moving things forward into a sustained future.

If You want to move forward on Operational Levels as Team Leader, Process Owner, Young Professional and in similar roles, our Webinar will fit best. 4 Evenings and the comfort of a training from home are major advantages of this format.

If You want to develop Your organization forward on a Strategic Level as business owner, manager or executive, You want to network in high end locations, and also develop new leadership skills. For this purpose, our Live Training is probably Your favorite option.

After Your successful certification as CASO Assessor, you are ready to assess and improve Your organization but also other organizations as external Peer. This is a unique experience to further improve Your understanding and knowledge of your own organization and other organizations – but also to benchmark.

Joining an international Assessor Team of experts in their fields is a unique experience to learn and improve management skills.

Unlimited Potential due to independent feedback and new knowledge inspiring innovation in products, services, processes.

Developing Key Potentials for Productivity, Efficiency, Costs, Innovation, Business Excellence.

Show Your Responsibility to Customers, Investors, Employees and all Your relevant Stakeholders, beyond governmental requirements. Verify and communicate Your efforts in the fields of sustainable development. Shareholder and customers are expecting this.

Create a productive Culture for Innovation and find new Business Models or even new markets!

Every CASO Assessment shows valuable areas for improvement for Your Management Systems. Find out if Your investments were worth it.

  • 2 Day Workshop in a convenient location for networking and learning; or 4 evenings with the comfort of home.

  • International Qualification and Certificate; in the Live Training You get also an evaluation of Your management competencies, as added value for your own development

  • Unique International Expertise on CSR and Sustainability, evaluated and documented

  • Deep Knowledge of an innovative Assessment Tool and also relevant content on CSR, Sustainability.

  • Develop new Skills and Competencies – expand Your C.V., show Your Responsibility.

  • Discover and further develop Your Expertise in CSR and Sustainability.

  • Create sustainable Value for Your Organization.

  • Collect extraordinary experience for Your personal development by giving feedback to Organizations as Assessor. Make the Change Real!

  • Earn the capability and skills to assess other companies for even more experience and go back to your organization with new ideas.