Currently we offer the following topics for companies – state-of-the-art – inspiring, simple but effective:

Successful through corruption?!

Added value with more value

With the right strategy to success

Implementing strategies successfully

Introduction to controlling for non-business people

Controlling for small and medium-sized enterprises

In 2 days to your individual tour system (in-house only)

Read and interpret business management evaluations (BWA), balance sheets, P&L, EÜR correctly

Investment in the operational future – but how?

Sustainable corporate management – for a successful tomorrow

3-in-1: Movement, relaxation and self-management

Dr. Alexander Herzner currently offers following seminars to Universities:

Entrepreneurship – Basics and Cases for Start-Ups, Growth and Exit

Innovation Management, Intrapreneurship, Corporate Entrepreneurship and Transfer

Controlling along the value chain

Controlling and Management

cost accounting

business ethics

Scientific work

sustainability management

Seminar for Values and Society

case study seminar

Finally, I would like to thank you, because in my eyes you are one of the few lecturers at the OTH who teach a subject with great enthusiasm and fun, which in turn has a very positive effect on us students. I also find your subject/lesson design, which differs greatly from other professors, great and hope that you will maintain this.