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We are your contact for company start-ups or takeovers.

This includes our advice on all economic, financial, personnel and organizational aspects of company management, as well as on all questions about restoring or expanding performance and competitiveness. We can also provide advice on innovation of your business models and your own defined strategy.

Above all, however, we want you and your company to be able to make a positive contribution to society in the future. In addition, our coaching is based on 10 principles for startups, which apply both to our coaching and to your business model.

Your Benefit?

You will receive independent support on the questions listed above, in particular on questions in relation to your product and customer benefits, business model (including quality understanding, risk analysis, assessment and control) through to questions of profitability. In addition to the financial aspects, you will also know other aspects of success that you need to know in order to set up a company.

In order for our coaching to be even more beneficial and subsidized for you, we have several years of experience, certain qualifications as well as quality management.expertise. This is how we ensure the highest possible benefit for you!